Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who is the Edenmore Community Development Project?

Edenmore CDP is managed by a group of local volunteers, known as a Voluntary Board of Management (VBoM). This is a local committe of people who come from the Edenmore area, who are committed to improving the social, economic and environmental conditions for everyone, but particularly those experiencing poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion for whatever reasons.

The Edenmore CDP also employs a Project Co-ordinator and Project Administrator. These are tasked with ensuirng the VBoMs Workplan for the year is put into operation.

The VBoM Members as of June 2008 are Felim McMahon, Margaret Carroll, Ray Daly, Betty Brown and Matthias Borschied.

The Co-ordinator is Richard Costello and the Administrator is Amanda Mitchell.

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