Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Communities Against Cuts

30th Sept Protest - Poster

Following on from the recent CDP demonstration against cuts in 2009 and the recommendations contained in the Bord Snip Report, a Community & Voluntary Sector wide march has been organised for Wed 30th September.

The purpose of this march is to highlight the sectors opposition to such wholesale cuts and voice the very real impacts that this will have in communities already experiencing poverty, marginalisation and structural inequalities. Already we have seen a range of services and supports at the Voluntary & Community level being affected, with unseen consequences for many at this stage.

Edenmore CDP is calling on all organisations to support this day of protest and demonstrate the collective opposition of the Community & Voluntary Sector. We are also calling on all those who have been impacted positively by the work of these organisations to show their support on the day. If you require further information about this event and what you can do to support it please contact the CDP office on 01-8771957

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