Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Postcards from Edenmore

Sometime ago the CDP facilitated an Introductory Course in Digital Photography for local people. Run over a period of 10 weeks people were instructed in how to make use of many of the functions on their digital cameras and how to improve the quality of their photography in general.

We also took the opportunity to turn these new found skills and creativity into something that reflected the groups progress. As a result the Postcards from Edenmore initiative developed. The class members took theitr cameras out around the community looking for images they thought worthy of being on a postcard and sent around the world! The small pictures above represent some of the final images selected, which were then converted into posctards and placed in packs of 5. This was a fantastic achievement for the group involved and they hope that people will purchase packs to send to people who now live away, or for friends and family as a pictorial memento of the area.

Please show your support for this by purchasing a pack. This can be done online by emailing us directly and we will have them posted out to you, or alternatively call into the Project Office or St Moincas Information Shop and pick one up in person for just 3 Euros. We are also able to provide significant numbers of packs for people who might also want to sell them through their own networks. All proceeds raised go towards supporting the continuing work of the Community Development Project at a local level.

If you are interested in doing an Introductory Course in Digital Photography and you have your own camera then conatct the Project Office (01-8771957) and put your name down for the next class. This is aimed at people who have very little or no knowledge of using digital cameras so dont be afraid - we'll go easy on you!

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