Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seniors Cross-border trip to Newry

As a result of our Moive Fundraiser we were able to take 16 seniors from Edenmore on a Cross-border trip to Newry on Tuesday 28th October. When we arrived we were met by members of the Falcon Senior Citizens Luncheon Club, a group from the Newry area. We spent time with them during our tour of Bagenal's Castle, a local Newry landmark of significant historical and cultural heritage. While there they also took some time to reminisce about daygs gone by... a few items were provided by the tour staff to jog some of the memories! This was followed by a lunch in the old Castles Banquet Hall, which was thouroughly enjoyed by all. The generosity and hospitality shown to us on the day was fantastic and warmly appreciated. Invitations to the Falcon Club to head south and have their hospitality returned were enthusiastuically recieved. The day was rounded off with some time enjoying the local shopping, namely the Quays Shopping Centre and Buttercrane. A huge thank you also goes the the Canal Court Hotel staff who gave us their full attention while we were there and catered for our dietary needs (beautiful scones!). An especially big thank you to Denise McBride from the Newry & Mourne Senior Citizens Forum and Ailish McIntyre and Collette Ruddy from Newry & Mourne Volunteer Centre.

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