Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Northside Integration & Intercultural Committee

Committee Members meeting Declan Hayden(L-R): Richard Costello (Edenmore CDP), Ros Palmer (Northside Community Law Centre, Lien Billiet (Northside Partnership), Declan Hayden (DCC Office for Integration), Cristina Santamaria (Northside Citizens Information Service) and John McDermott (Dublin North Bay Citizens Information Service). Members not present are Mary Corridan (Discovery Centre, Darndale) and Sally Galliana (Near 90FM).

Northisde Integration & Intercultural Committee was established at the beginning of 2008 as a result of some service providers being concerned about not connecting with migrant workers, immigrants and members of the Traveller community within the area. After considerable discussion between the members about how we might be able to direct our services toward these groups we established some clear aims and objectives. Two of those key objectives are to carry out a more comprehensive mapping of the communities living and working in the Northside area and also to promote the aims of the organisation, through the local community media and events-based activities. Our long term goal is to become a significant stakeholder in the development of policies and procedures that ensure integration and inclusion within organisatons and businesses, and that all people are able to participate fully in Irish society.

Recently the Committee met with Declan Hayden, Office for Integration at Dublin City Council to discuss the recent document Towards Integration: A City Framework launched by the Dublin Development Board. The document sets out the strategic focus and direction for developing integration and inclusion across the Dublin City area. The meeting was very productive and the committee were encouraged by the response from Declan with regard to our committees aims & objectives. Watch this blog for further initiatives around the work of this committee.

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