Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Edenmore Community Safety Group Established

In Septmeber 2007 we started the initial process of establishing a Community Safety Group specifically for the Edenmore Area. Community Safety is a term that refers to Crime Prevention and Crime Reduction and the strategies and actions that people and organisations can take to tackle them. It has become particularly relevant to those communities that are expariencing high levels of anti-social behaviour and where there is a perception in some communites that not enough is being done to address some of the problems.

For some more information on Community Safety in general, follow some of these links:
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After inviting several key organisations to an exploration of the key issues in Edenmore and the ways in which we might be able to work together to tackle them, all the members present agreed to work in partnership with each other on some key priorites. Asked how a group might be able to tackle/address some of the issues a range of ideas were put forward, which can be viewed in this document. As we met over the following months we were able to identify some Key Objectives for the area. The group tries to meet every 4-6 weeks locally and assess their work to date.

Members of the group to date are:

Edenmore CDP
St Monica's Community Council
Edenpark Health Centre
St Monicas Youth Centre
Edenmore Drugs Intervention Team
Edenmore Business Association
Dublin City Council
Gardai Siochana (Community Policing Team)
Housing Association for Independent Living
Northside Partnership
EDIT Outreach Drugs Team
Home Schools Liaison Officer

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